Astrosugar White

Pocket’s AstroSugar tee is available for men in:

Love combining items, so Astroboy X a Day of the Dead Sugarskull = Astrosugar !

• white with black print

We guarantee that this tee is:
- 100% cotton
- designed & printed in Australia
- sweatshop free
- re-inspected prior to sending

*The neck label is different than pictured

New Sizing (measurements are approximate and may differ slightly)

Small - Width: 46cm / Length: 71cm
Medium - Width: 51cm / Length: 74cm
Large - Width: 56cm / Length: 76cm
Extra Large - Width: 61cm / Length: 79cm
2X Extra Large - Width: 66cm / Length: 81cm

50 AUD
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